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About Us

Horses in my Soul and Saltwater in my Veins!


I’m Kristine Remlinger and I am the photographer and jewelry designer behind
Miscellanee. I often say I have horses in my soul and saltwater in my veins. I grew up at the Jersey Shore and have been an equestrian for over 15 years, so I love that my art lets me embrace both my passions.

It’s no surprise that this is my motto! Photography has been a passion for most of my life. I was the editor of my high school yearbook and currently have thousands and thousands of photos on my computer. When taking a picture, my goal is to zero in on that moment when you can feel the sun on your face, hear the ocean in your ears or feel the sand between your toes. To capture that moment you have seen a thousand times but never took the time to really enjoy and see in detail. I love when people comment that they are expecting the water to touch their feet as they gaze at one of my photos! I do not use any editing software on my photos. You are seeing what I saw when I took the photo. For me, this is the challenge—to be able to catch the moment as it happens! Each of my photos has a story and my customers are always surprised that I can remember where I took each one.


Along with photography, I started making jewelry because, well, I love jewelry! I found it hard to find simple, classic pieces versus big, chunky ones. My jewelry designs can be worn at work, a wedding, on the beach, or while hanging out. I strive for simple, timeless designs so my jewelry can be your favorite for years to come! My favorite jewelry components include pearls, amazonite, sea glass, apatite, sterling silver and leather. My sterling silver  jewelry has a beachy feel while my leather and pearl items connect with my love of the equine life.

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